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The Gralla Family c.1907, Detroit, Michigan

Monday, March 29, 2010

That Time of The Month: Births and Deaths (Part 1)

Check out these strange recurring numbers. See how many times the numbers 10, 20, 15, 16, and 28 appear, not only with these three generations, but even within the generation marked "Children".

Grandparents (Mother):
Josef Kacsur b. 21 August 1855 d. 20 August 1906
Johanna Burcsak b. 30 July 1856 d. Unk.

Grandparents (Father):
Jan Hlafka b. 25 May 1845 d. 17 July 1878
Anna Maria Matz b. 20 October 1858 d. Unk.

John Gabriel Hlafka (Holt) b. 24 March 1877 d. 16 November 1937
Maria Kacsur: b. 29 May 1879 d. Unk. (Between 1904-08) [1st Wife]

Frank Philip Holt: b. 2 April 1903 d. 15 December 1988
John G. Holt Jr. b. 10 July 1904 d. 28 March 1963

Bertha Teresa Kacsur: b. 10 June 1888 d. 23 June 1946 [2nd Wife]


Bertha Teresa Holt b. 16 March 1909 d. 26 December 1998
Mary Elizabeth Holt b. 16 February 1911 d. 28 August 1999
Joseph Frederick Holt b. 15 September 1913 d. 15 February 1975
William Robert Holt b. 3 January 1917 d. 20 October 2008 **
Albin Holt b. 23 February 1919 d. 28 September 1919
(Male Still born) Holt b. 20 March 1925 d. 20 March 1925

** Father's grandmother: b. 3 January 1819 d. 3 January 1855

Kind of weird, isn't it? This weirdness goes back even farther.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Number 24

Since I was child, I've been fascinated by this numerical phenomenon in my family. It goes like this: My dad was born March 24. My mother was born February 22. I was born February 24 and my sister was born April 24. As I researched my family's history, I found this number 24 cropping up all over the place, specifically with births and deaths. As a teenager, I learned that my father's paternal grandfather was born on March 24 as well. There are other coincidental numbers that appear throughout the tree I'll share later, some within an immediate family (Father,Mother, and children, as opposed to extended family).

Most of these 24s surround the most recent generations in my family. As you can see, there are 24s whose connections aren't as direct (as in a direct ancestor).

I don't believe these numerical coincidences possess any kind of mystical meaning. It's just...odd. So, here's a list.

Father: March 24
Myself: February 24
Sister: April 24

Father's Side:

Paternal Grandfather's line:
Father's Cousin: October 24
Father's Counsin's daughter: October 24
Father's Cousin's grandson: February 24
Great-Grandfather: March 24
My 5th Great-Grand Aunt: September 24
3rd Cousin, 3x Removed: December 24
Another 5th Great-Grand Aunt: February 24 (twin)
Another 5th Great-Grand Aunt: February 24 (twin)

2nd Cousin, 3x Removed: Died May 24

Paternal Grandmother's line:
Great-Grandfather: January 24

Great-Grandmother: November 24

Mother's Side:

Great-Grand Uncle: July 24
3rd Great-Grand Aunt: July 24

Great-Grandmother: April 24
Great-Great-Grandfather: April 24
3rd Great-Grand-uncle: March 24

Am I stretching it? I don't think so. Given the popularity of the number on my father's side versus my mother's I think there's something to be said. What that something is, I don't know.