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The Gralla Family c.1907, Detroit, Michigan

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

David Yoolow

I continue to research the man I believe an uncle, David Yoolow (1783-1855). I found this this through google books.

"The Friend" was a "Theological and Literary Journal" published in Philadelphia in the mid-19th century. Here is the opening paragraph from the article about David Yoolow.

Our attention has been directed to this most interesting and instructive report. We understand that it is the first full report ever given of the proceedings under a Scotish inquest for cognoscing or fixing the character of idiocy to a person. The work ia one of interest to many distinct classes. To the medical profession it presents the opinions (conflicting as they are) of the most eminent of those who have made mental alienation their close study. The evidence of Dr. Christison, and Dr. Malcolm, the physician to the celebrated Perth Institution, with the criticism of counsel thereon, are particularly worthy of attention. To the lawyer, it illustrates the application of the nicest rules of evidence. To the mental philosopher, and especially the phrenologist, the human mind is presented in a new and uncommon aspect. To the scholar, there is a rich repast in the classic oration of Duncan Maeneil, than which we have seldom read an address more finished, sustained, and convincing. But it is to the theologian- and the churchman we have chiefly at present to recommend the work, as experimentally illustrative of the power of Divine truth and the simplicity of its doctrines, to illuminate the unaided mind of the poor and ignorant.

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